Hello Future Home Owner

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How it Works:

Move in now, and rent with built-in savings for your down payment and closing cost. Our program is designed for you to become mortgage-eligible in 2-3 years or less.

Step 1


Getting prequalified: It’s quick & comes with no commitment.

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Step 2


Pick your BBA Home

Pick your BBA built home.  You make an initial payment of 1% to 2% of the sales price, which goes straight to savings for your future down payment and closing cost.

Step 3


Move in with built-in savings

Move in and make it yours. Your monthly rent includes your monthly savings that becomes your down payment and closing costs. Then,  when its time, you'll take your savings account and close becoming a home owner and say good bye to being a renter. 

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Step 4

Buy it, or walk away with Savings 

Buy your home when you're ready! Something change or gotta move? Don't worry, you can also move out early (with a 60-day notice) and keep your savings (minus $2500 resale fee).**

**We will refund your savings and earnest money minus $2500 resale charge property must be in good condition or repairs will be collected out of your savings account and remainder will be refunded

Moving in

Savings Account Payment

You make a one-time, upfront payment (1%–2% of your home’s value) that goes straight toward savings for your future down payment and closing costs.


Rent + Savings

Your rent with BBA RENTALS is based on a fair market rent value for your area. Your monthly home savings are separate, and we set them aside for you to save up for your future down payment and closing costs.*

*Your monthly home savings makes up approximately 10-25% of your total monthly payment. For example, on a $245,000 home, approximately $300 per month of your monthly payment would go toward your home savings. Rent is $1800+300 Savings you pay $2100 monthly. 

Here's the Deal

Let's Break It Down

A $245,000 house Rent is $1800+$300 Savings Monthly payment is $2100 at the end of 36 months your savings account is now at $15,700 that's $10800 from monthly savings plus the $4900 down at move in.  Now its time to close and become a home owner!  


Mortgage Time


We work with mortgage lenders during this process to get you mortgage ready!  We can get you a traditional mortgage or owner financed mortgage once you have the down payment and closing cost saved up.  You still have to qualify, so we will help you get your credit repaired, help give you time on the job, and allow time for those whom are self employed get 2 years of tax returns done!


Am I locked in for 3 years?

No Way!  We know life happens, and you might want or need to move out instead of buying this home. You have the option to end your lease early (with a 60-day notice) and keep the savings and money down.  (minus reselling fee Property must be in good condition)**



Appreciation Money

What happens with appreciation that can occur while renting?  ALL YOURS TO KEEP!  We lock in sales price and terms upfront so any appreciation is yours to keep.  You can build up equity while renting and saving!


Here's the Gist! Lock in sales price and terms today,  Try before you buy.  Save money while renting. You can walk with 60 day notice and just pay a reselling fee**.  Get time to get your finances, time on job, tax returns in order. You can make money on appreciation!  

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